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BestSeller GIFT Italian Leather BELT WALLET "Mel" - Works with Everything

BestSeller GIFT Italian Leather BELT WALLET "Mel" - Works with Everything

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BUY FOR YOURSELF OR OFFER AS A GIFT. Stylish "Mel" BELT WALLET, Designed and Shipped from New York, Handcrafted in Italy. 

On High Demand - ONLY 1-3 Pieces per Color Left.

A Made-Of-Great-Quality Small Leather Belt Wallet that can stay on All the Time, complimenting your outfit or gathering your small items, merging Style and Convenience.

Available in: Red, Pink, Blue, Black, Burgundy, Printed Burgundy, Light Orange, Orange, Caramel, Light Green, Green, Navy and Olive Green.      

    Brand: LAS ALBA

    Buy Online, We Ship to you within Two (2) Days

    Buy in Person, Pick up Next Day, at: ATFH Showroom NYC - IBM Building, 590 Madison Avenue, New York City

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  • Designed and Shipped from: New York City
  • Handcrafted in: Tuscany, ITALY
  • Made of: Genuine Leather, from Upcycled authentic military uniforms, vegetable tanned leather details or all leather.
  • Easily cleans with soft dry cloth
  • Watch out for Water
  • Do not keep it in the sun for an extended time

    Disclosure: Part of Sale Donated to Charity

    LAS ALBA Bags are mostly made from Donated Military Uniforms. A portion of the proceeds from your purchase will be Donated toward helping Low-Income students and supporting Children of Veterans' education.

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