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  • Category: Collier
  • Color:
  • Made in: Poland
  • Fabrics: glas, crystal, base metal
  • Weight:

  • Maintenance Instructions: Usage: Remove jewelry when bathing and at bedtime. Do not use perfume directly on jewelry - then chemical reactions occur that lead to discoloration, especially of metal elements. Avoid direct contact of jewelry with sweaty skin and water - salt compounds contained in human sweat or salt water can completely destroy jewelry, causing chipping and discoloration. Storage: Store jewelry in a closed case or box (prolonged exposure to light and dust affect the appearance of jewelry very badly). Maintenance: In case of slight discoloration, wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth. In no case do not wet it and do not clean it with a brush. Jewelery wipes are perfect. Do not use gold or silver jewelry maintenance products. Corrosive substances can permanently damage it.

    Edge: Our jewelry is made by hand from natural semi-finished products such as high-quality glass, crystal, cotton thread. We do not use synthetic products for production.
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